“Dyed Goods”We bring you the goods that you feel the texture of fabric unique to hand-dyeing and increase your attachment.


The beauty of traditional “hand-dyeing” rising from water

What is traditional hand-dyeing?

Have you ever worn hand-dyed Tenugui (Japanese ornamental hand towel) or Hanten (traditional short coat) in the festivals?
The traditional dyeing method that we have been keeping up as dyeing works is called “Shirushizome”.
Shirushizome has been adding color in our life since early times.
Hanten and Tenugui are soft and colorfast, and you may feel more taste of cloths and colors if you use them for a long time.
It has been adding texture and color in the business and work by Noren (store curtain) as the signboard of shop or Tairyo-bata (fishermen’s flag) to indicate a good catch.
Dyeing is being replaced by printing in the trend of modernization.
Under such circumstances, we, members of Ito Dyeing Works, are going to any expense with the pride as the craftsmen and dyeing cloths carefully and diligently putting our “thoughts” as the traditional dyeing works so that we could pass down this texture and color, which is unforgettable for our skins, to the next generations.

Dyeing your thoughts

We express your thoughts on dyeing goods.
That is “Shirushizome”. People are gathering around Shirushi (sign) such as Rising Sun flag as the symbol of Japan, Matsuri Hanten (short coat for festivals), Noren, etc.
We make you joy and smile by dyeing goods with the pride of playing a part of culture tradition.

Dyeing your thoughts

Brush dyed Tairyo-bata

Putting our thoughts into Dyeing

We put our feeling of thankfulness with pure of hearts into dyed goods.
“We create works by which we ourselves are impressed for impressing our customers.”
Based on this concept, we brush up our passion, spirit, creativity and patience to bring our cordiality on the cloths to you.

Putting our thoughts into Dyeing

Sulfide dyed Homaekake (a traditional style of Japanese apron)

Integration of tradition and new technologies

Dyed goods transmitted in our life have certain powers to convey our spirits. We dye cloths with our whole hearts. Bringing smiles to our customers’ faces, that is our mission as dyeing works. This is the thought of Denzo, my grandfather and the founder, which has been surely succeeded by the 3rd generation heir.

Integration of tradition and new technologies

Hand printed Hanten


Impressed together by one brush with all our heart and soul


Listen to the voice of the customers and share the same thought that lies ahead of that words

Deep for its simplicity
I love dyeing! (4:56’)

Ito Dyeing Works Co. Ltd. Founded in 1921 at Hanamaki, Iwate

Traditional Japanese Dyed Goods

Homaekake (a traditional style of Japanese apron)

Matsuri Hanten (short coat for festivals)

Tairyo-bata (fishermen’s flag to indicate a good catch)

Shigoto Hanten (workmen’s short coat)

Ito Dyeing Works Co. Ltd.

Founded in 1921

391, Fujisawa-cho, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate 025-0096, JAPAN